Yogi Detox Tea Review

Yogi detox tea by the company Yogi Products is a tea that differs from other common teatox products in that it does not list weight-loss as one of its benefits.

The Yogi brand overall doesn’t specialize in detox tea in particular, but is rather a general tea brand with all kinds of different more regular teas.

Yogi Detox Tea Review

Yogi detox tea reviewThe detox tea from Yogi focuses more on just gently removing toxins and includes diuretic ingredients such as dandelion root as well as burdock root. It mainly claims to cleanse liver and kidneys as its benefits.

It is a very affordable tea, and that’s what I like most about it. But the reason for that is that it’s more like a regular green tea from the supermarket than a pure detox tea. Hence it doesn’t claim to help you lose weight, improve complexion, increase clarity of mind, clear your colon and so on.

So if it’s a regular tea you’re after, then Yogi tea will be as good as any or perhaps even better. But if you like me, are more into detox teas and the benefits they can bring (weight-loss is one of the many), you may want to go with some other brand.

A nice thing about Yogi is that they are very open about all the ingredients they use in their teas and share information about them on their website.

To conclude, go with Yogi Tea if you’re looking for a gentle cleanse not unlike what regular green tea can give you. If you on the other hand rather want to try a real detox tea for “teatoxing”, check out this page for a potent yet affordable one.

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What’s your Yogi detox tea review?

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