Fit Tea Detox Review – A Bit Overrated?

With Fit Tea being one of the more well-known brands of the detox and weight loss tea industry and all, I felt a Fit Tea review was in order.

The two most obvious questions that come to mind are;

  • Do they live up to the hype?
  • How does Fit Tea compare to the competition?

Fit Tea review

Fit Tea review

I will attempt to answer these and more in this review.

Here I won’t bother explaining the basics and must-knows of detox tea since, for those of you new to this, I’ve done that already on this page.

So let’s get to it!

If we look at the two questions above, it’s easy to see that they’re closely related.

In my opinion, and I’m sure you agree, a brand only deserves hype when there aren’t other brands that are less known and less aggressively marketed that are actually better and more effective in pretty much every aspect..

But first things first. Let’s break down what the hype is about so we can answer the first question on its own.

The hype is about the claims of how Fit Tea will help you lose weight, increase energy, boost your immune system, detox your colon and just improve your overall fitness levels.

The hype is also about Fit Tea being the best dieting and fat loss tea in the world (that is self-proclaimed by the way and mainly for marketing purposes).

As for whether Fit Tea may help you with the things it claims, the short answer is yes, it probably will to some extent. But that does not make it spectacular.

You may be thinking “Why not? That sounds amazing…” right now. And I agree that it does.

But those are simply the benefits of teatoxing. Any decent detox tea will do these things for you, Fit Tea or not.

What’s In Fit Tea?

Like any other detox tea out there, Fit Tea is a blend of different teas and other natural ingredients that have an effect on your body. So let’s look at the ingredients of Fit Tea and how they’re supposed to benefit your health:

  • Green Tea: This is a popular ingredient for many detox teas. Without getting technical, Green Tea boosts your metabolism which just means that you’ll burn calories faster. Does it work? Studies have shown that Green Tea can help people lose weight, but it’s not a miracle cure. If you’re moderately overweight, you may get some benefit from it.
Green tea

I love green tea, but it’s not what I’m buying a detox tea for.

But, it won’t help you keep the weight off. And that kind of defeats the purpose of a detox tea. You’ll still have to rely on other methods and supplements to keep the weight off.

  • Oolung Wu Yi Tea: This is another, partially fermented tea that’s loaded with caffeine. Like Green Tea, the caffeine boosts your metabolism which could help you to lose weight.
  • Rooibos Tea: Proven to have loads of anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic properties, Rooibos Tea can contribute to your overall well-being and health.
  • Ginger: Some say that Ginger works as an appetite suppressant, but whether it really works as part of detox tea is up for debate.
  • Pomegranate: Hailed as ‘super fruit’, pomegranate is high in anti-oxidants. But it won’t help you lose weight.
  • Guarana: This is a seed from a South American tree that is high in caffeine. Again, it might boost your metabolism and help you burn off calories.
  • Stevia: A natural sweetener with zero calories, it makes the tea taste better.
  • Birch: A natural diuretic, birch flushes excess water from your system so you’ll feel like you’re losing weight faster. But its effects are temporary and will only last while you’re drinking the tea regularly.
  • Corn and Honey Powder: These ingredients only help to make the tea taste better.

So are these ingredients worth the hype around Fit Tea? In my opinion—probably not. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they don’t really have a place in a tea that’s supposed to help you detox.

And the effects won’t last after you stop drinking the tea. They’re also pretty powerful when combined. You may experience some benefits, but you could also be doing some serious harm to your body. A detox tea should be a gentle, long-term way to cleanse your body. And you should be able to keep using the tea without suffering any side-effects.

One thing many users report from using Fit Tea is that it seems to help a lot with bloating. But that’s probably just down to the Birch in the tea. You could take some other kind of birch supplement for that. And besides, it only works as long as you’re drinking the tea.

If bloating is your main concern, then there are plenty of other detox teas out there that can solve the problem more effectively. And they can do so much more for you without putting your health at risk.

Which brings us to the second part of the hype… As well as the second question…

Does Fit Tea give the best weight-loss and detox results of all such teas in the world?

In my experience (and many others’) it most definitely does not. In fact, there are brands considerably more effective, while being cheaper at the same time.

So what’s the point of trying Fit Tea when it’s unlikely that it can really do anything to help you lose weight in a sustainable way? As you can see from the ingredients listed above, everything is geared towards loading your body with caffeine. And while that might boost your metabolism, the effects are only temporary.

You also run the risk of suffering from the side-effects caused by too much caffeine in your system. Insomnia, restlessness, a racing heart, muscle spasms and an upset stomach are the result of consuming excess caffeine. Anything more than 500 – 600mg a day can cause these side effects.

So it’s hard to see that Fit Tea, which is loaded with caffeine, can make you feel better at all! How could you when your heart and mind are racing all the time. A tea detox should leave you feeling alert and give you more energy. But if you take it to the extreme you’ll be unable to sleep or think straight.

Another problem I have with Fit Tea is that it doesn’t really offer some of the other benefits that a tea detox should, such as flushing toxins from your body. Sure, the ingredients include two anti-oxidants, pomegranate and Rooibos Tea, but these aren’t enough.

Removing toxins from your body is a vital part of the reason why a tea detox works so well. Everyday your liver, kidneys and colon deal with large amounts of toxins. They tend to accumulate in your body and that’s why these organs really benefit from the anti-oxidants found in detoxing teas.

Unwanted toxins

Unwanted toxins build up in our bodies due to the modern environment and even more so the diet.

Flushing toxins from your body makes you feel better for many reasons. First of all, your organs will function better and your body can then cope with whatever toxins it might be exposed to. Once everything is cleared out you automatically feel lighter and have more energy.

Detoxing will help you drop extra weight—but more than that, if you do it correctly—you’ll keep the weight off. Short term weight loss is dangerous. If you use a tea detox you will see results quickly, but the whole point is to set yourself up so you can maintain the weight loss without having to rely on constantly overloading your body with caffeine.

If you detox the right way, you’ll find it much easier to control your weight without having to alter your diet too much—provided you’re being sensible about what you’re eating. But I don’t believe that Fit Tea will give you a long-term solution to managing your weight. And it would appear that I’m not alone in that opinion. If you read any other reviews on Fit Tea you’ll find that lots of other people who have tried Fit Tea have the same complaint. It simply does not deliver on all its promises.

And while it might speed up metabolism, it won’t help you digestion. That matter because improved digestion means you’re getting all of the nutrients out of your diet. When your digestion isn’t functioning properly, you could eat the most nutritious food in the world and still not get the benefits.

With an effective detox tea, you absorb more nutrients from your food. And that means your body craves less food. It doesn’t suppress your appetite; it just makes your body more efficient. And that means that it gets easier to maintain your weight in the long run.

At the end of the day, Fit Tea is more of a diuretic and not a true detox tea. You might see results in the short term, but it’s not something I’d recommend if you’re really serious about improving your overall health and well-being.

The only thing I’d say Fit Tea has an edge on is the taste. It does taste slightly better, but that’s not why I drink detox tea. If that was the case I’d go with regular green tea or black tea (black currant tea is soo delicious!).

What brand do I recommend instead?


My current favorite detox tea.

Well, if you check out this page you’ll learn exactly why I think KouTea is the best detox (and weight loss) tea.

The main game breaker would however that the results are way better for me with KouTea compared to Fit Tea. Among the many detox teas I’ve tried I’d rate Fit Tea as average.

Taking price in to consideration, it’s not good value for your money at all compared to its competition. I’m not saying you should opt for the cheapest tea you can get, but you need to compare price with effectiveness.

Keep in mind that any detox tea should be affordable if you want to use it to maintain your weight and keep enjoying all the other benefits a good detox tea offers.

And on top of this, their shipping can be really slow. I had to wait two weeks for my order to arrive, and I’ve heard of many having the same experience. All the while their support is even slower to reply me back than their “estimated response time of 48 hours”.

I for one am not impressed.

You might think that good customer service is not that important—but it is. It says a lot about the company you’re dealing with and how they feel about their product and customers. Even if their product isn’t the best, you’d think they’d make the effort to provide fast and efficient customer service.

If you’re still set on Fit Tea however, I’m not going to stop you. To avoid the long shipping time you could order Fit Tea from instead. It’s slightly more expensive than the original site but worth it in my opinion.

So is Fit Tea worth the hype?

So to sum it up, would I recommend Fit Tea as a detox tea? No I wouldn’t. If you’re looking for a weight-loss tea, you might find Fit Tea useful. Most of the ingredients it contains are diuretics, so you’ll only be flushing a lot of water from your system. It might feel like you’re losing weight, but the truth is you’re only shedding excess water.

Other ingredients such as the Green Tea and Oolong Wu Yi Tea may have a slight effect on your metabolism, but it’s too slight to really make a difference. You’d be better off just watching what you eat and including some exercise in your daily routine.

A real detox tea can do so much more for you. So if you’re looking for something that you can continue to drink and get real benefits from, check out my other reviews.

And that’s my review of Fit Tea. I do hope it was of some help.

You can also check out my reviews of the Bootea detox tea, Lyfe detox tea, Yogi Detox tea and Tiny (your tea) detox tea.


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6 thoughts on “Fit Tea Detox Review – A Bit Overrated?

  1. i purchased fit tea in November and have yet to receive my item. The first email they said they had to confirm my address, which i used my work address and i responded with yes it is correct. They have shipped to me before. Second was from Brian who completely changed my address without my consent and i responded to why did he do that without my approval. Next email was the item was shipped. and I said why its not going to make it to me. No response after. Then finally they said I have to wait since it already shipped. Wait the 10 business days and nothing. Then I emailed and said i have yet to receive my package. And now they said I have to wait 30 days. Is it me or do they really not believe in customer service. I have stayed in contact through the entire purchase and told them they change my address to the wrong location. I ask for a refund and ignored the request. I have to wait again. They don’t care about you so dont bother purchasing anything from these people.

  2. I am so glad I read this review… and the above comment. Thank you for having links to the ones you recommend. 🙂

  3. I placed my order on May 7th and received it via USPS today, May 12th. So, no complaints there. I will begin the 28 days on Wednesday next week and see if the claims are accurate. Will update after the 28.

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