Bootea Teatox Review

Bootea is a popular detox tea brand with its base in Europe. Although the quality of the tea is decent, I can say right away that for people from the U.S. it’s not the best fit, even thoough they do ship here.

I’ll tell you why:

Bootea Teatox Review

Bootea teatox reviewThe Bootea website list their prices in GBP or Euro, and their 14 day teatox goes for £19.90 or 27 Euro, which is approximately $33. The 28 day teatox goes for $54. These prices are not too different from the norm of many teatox brands, but the issues with Bootea arise when shipping is taken into account. The shipping cost me more than $20 to the U.S. On top of this, it took a long time (over 2 weeks) to get the tea.

This makes Bootea a lot less appealing than other brands that you can start using in a few days and at a smaller price tag.

Now let’s move on to the tea itself and my experience:

The Bootea teatox has 2 different teas included with it. A Daytime Detox tea and a Bedtime Cleanse tea. You can obviously tell from the names when you’re supposed to take each one.

The Daytime Detox includes somewhat energizing ingredients such as fennel seeds, dandelion leaf, lemongrass, Chinese Oolong tea, mate leaves, ginger root, ginseng root, gotu kola leaves and nettle leaves.

The Bedtime Cleanse on the other hand, leans more towards relaxing herbs such as peppermint leaves, burdock root, fenugreek seeds, valerian root, psyllium seeds, senna leaves, liquorice root and hawthorn leaves (not all are known to be relaxing, but some).

Senna leaves are mainly what gives the tea its laxative effects (you want these to help clear out your colon), so you should be prepared for a few extra visits to the bathroom the next day.

As for benefits, I did feel a little more energized as well as the laxative effects which is something, but nothing special really to be honest.

A concerning thing about Bootea however is that I’ve seen many negative reviews online, many of which have to do with questionable customer service and shipping delays.

I will definitely stick with my more reliable KouTea. I’ve written more about it on this page, and so far it’s the best detox tea I’ve found.

Also see what I thought about the Yogi brand on this page, Bootea brand in this review, Fit Tea brand on this page and Tiny Tea brand over here.

What’s your Bootea review?

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