Detox Tea: Best Teatox Review

Detox teas are an awesome way to detox.

Or should I say teatox.

They give you the benefits of a juicing or liquid diet detox without all the side effects and stress put on your body.

But choosing the best detox tea in this ever-growing market.. easier said than done with scammy and ineffective detox teas lurking behind every corner.

To find a tea that lives up to its claims and that isn’t another regular green tea from the grocery store marketed for detox..

That can require some trial and error. Testing various brands and comparing them to each other.

As the teatox enthusiast that I am, I did just that.

And then I decided to put this website up. To spread the word about detox tea and so that I may save others the hassle I went through to find a tea that actually works.

TeatoxIf you’re new to the world of detoxing with tea, no worries!

On this page I aim to teach you all you need to know about detox teas and teatoxes, including what they are and how they work, the amazing benefits they can bring, side-effects to watch out for, important factors when choosing your tea and the best detox teas available (my absolute favorites).

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Detox Tea?

No special detox tea diet

Your diet is much less of a concern when teatoxing. Eating what you would normally should be just fine.

Just as the words imply, a tea detox have to do with using tea as a way to detoxify your body. A detox tea.

What’s especially great about tea detoxing is that you can simply add the regimen to your regular diet and lifestyle.. opposed to changing diet altogether which is often a necessity for other popular methods of detoxification.

This means you don’t have to put any additional stress of the body in the form of calorie restrictions or avoiding the foods you enjoy (this can still be a good thing though depending on what your goals are, but by no means a necessity).

You can also detox CONTINUOUSLY without it affecting your lifestyle too much. You can keep toxins at an all time low instead of doing it in intervals with taxing liquid diets and juice fasts.

And all you have to do is make drinking your herbal detox tea a daily habit.

It can also be used more specifically as a colon cleansing tea, a liver detox tea, kidney cleanse tea, etc.

Do Detox Teas Work?

In a word, YES. They most definitely do.

Else I wouldn’t have bothered to make this website in the first place.

There are many detox teas that don’t work very well though, so let me correct myself..

Detox teas work given you choose an effective brand.

Everyone is different however, and the only way to find out how well it works for you would be trying some for yourself!

Personally I’ve had great success from teatoxing and achieved many of its touted benefits (see below for a list), including weight loss.

What About A Tea Detox/Teatox Diet?

A tea detox diet is what you’d call a liquid detox diet where you only drink tea.

For most people this is not a good idea and may be both frustrating and dangerous.

It puts your body in starvation mode since tea contains pretty much zero calories.

Some people do a green tea detox since that’s what they have available at home, and try to only drink green tea, no calories.

If that’s your tea detox plan you’re in for a rough time and will potentially cause your body harm.

A teatox diet is much like a fast, and fasting for too long can put a lot of stress on your body.

So please, avoid this, since the way I see it the whole purpose of a tea detox is to detox without having to starve yourself or make other major changes.

That’s why we (I) love it so much!

Zero calories plate

Don’t put yourself through this. More harm than good will come from it!

Detox Tea Benefits

Detox tea comes with SO many benefits, which is one of the reasons I (and many others) love it so much.

The things that are enjoyable to eat and drink are too often bad for your health, but tea happens to be an exception to the rule!

Green, black or white tea are already great for you. The thing about detox teas though, is that they give you all the benefits of regular tea, AND the benefits of detoxification.

How’s that for a super food (drink)?

Here are some of the amazing benefits you can expect from a proper detox tea:

  • Toxin Removal – perhaps the most obvious advantage over regular forms of tea, and a big one. With the amount of toxins we are exposed to daily in this century, from the air we breathe to the processed foods we ingest, anyone could benefit from detoxing.
  • Weight Loss – yep, if you didn’t know it already, it can definitely help you lose weight. To achieve this, it works in many different ways at the same time, many of which are listed below.
  • Appetite Suppressant – you’re less likely to indulge in snacks and what not when drinking detox tea, as it has the benefit of suppressing appetite, making you less hungry. This is, as you probably guessed already, great for losing weight!
  • Increased Metabolism – another benefit that’s directly related to burning calories. A faster metabolism means you’ll be burning more calories even when resting. Who doesn’t want that? A fast metabolism also greatly improves the body’s natural detox mechanisms.
  • Digestion Aid – although not unique to detox teas per say, improved digestion is still a much welcome benefit. Your body gets better at absorbing  nutrients, meaning you need less food in total to meet the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals from food, which again aids in burning fat. The emptying of your colon is also sped up, which is a great way to make sure toxins leave your body before they get a chance to get reabsorbed into your blood stream.
  • Immune System Boost – with the amounts of antioxidants you give your body when drinking tea regularly, you can be sure your immune system gets an inevitable boost.
  • Improved Liver, Kidney and Colon Function – since these organs are responsible for much of your body’s toxic waste elimination, an effective detox tea will help your liver by reducing the total toxin load in your body.
  • Allergy Relief – symptoms of allergies and hay fever can be greatly reduced through detoxing if you’re loaded with toxins.
  • More Energy – a direct result of effective detox. When your body works more optimally, you will have more energy available at your disposal.
  • Improved Skin – being the biggest organ you have, it only makes sense that a good detox will improve the health of your skin.
  • Improved Mood & Sense Of Well-being – toxins take a toll on all your bodily processes. When your body isn’t working properly, it often affects your mood, emotions and sense of well-being negatively. When that’s the case a detox is often the best medicine!
  • Clearer Thinking – too much toxins can impair your thinking and cause brain fog. In the end, your brain is just a susceptible as the rest of your body to excess toxin exposure.
  • Anti-aging – many people both feel and look younger after getting a detox.

Keep in mind these are just a few of the touted benefits of detox tea. You may not experience every single one of these teatox benefits yourself, but probably most of them if you use a reliable detox tea such the one I always use.

Detox Tea Side Effects

Although side effects are generally non-existent when using detox teas, as with anything, they do exist. They are often very mild but can include an upset stomach and diarrhea, headaches, joint pain, skin rashes. As with any detox, you should not over-do it.

If curious, on webMD you can check out the general side-effects of detoxification here and those of green tea here.

But again, they are not that relevant because detox tea is known to be very safe as long as you follow the instructions. 20 cups per day may not be advised, but rather 2 to 4 (again, read the instructions on your detox tea package).

Best Detox Tea (for general teatoxing AND weight loss)

Best detox tea for weight loss?Here comes my favorite part, and perhaps the bit that will save you a lot of time and avoid getting scammed into purchasing an ineffective detox tea for your teatox.

So many that fall for false marketing from various questionable companies then write detox tea off as not working. All because the product they chose was of low quality..

But detox teas are no different from other types of foods and beverages in that you aren’t likely to find the best detox tea right away.

Myself, I was lucky to start off with a tea that at least had some effect. This motivated me to try other brands to see if that was it or if there was even more to gain. Had I not experienced any benefits from my first detox tea, my journey might have ended right there as well..


After my original success I went through maybe four or five different brands where only one of them gave me any tangible effects comparable to my first tea. Some of them still tasted alright so as ordinary teas they were alright I guess.

Then I got more sophisticated and researched teatox online on websites and forums to find what teas had worked for others. What brands the teatox communities considered the best teatox products.

And that’s how I eventually found the KouTea detox tea.

Others seemed to have impressive results with it so of course I had to give it a shot too..

And I can say it has worked by far the best for me personally out of all the detox teas I’ve gone through. And as a nice bonus I really like the taste too (for me, most important are the benefits and effects I experience, but taste matters a little too, since afterall you’ll be drinking the stuf every day).

I still try other teas every now and then if I hear good things about a certain brand, but always seem to return to KouTea.

At the moment I no longer need to lose any weight so I simply use it for maintenance to keep my metabolism active and toxins low. So even though I do enjoy exercising, I don’t really have to do it to keep my weight where I want it as long as I drink my KouTea.

And in the end that’s, as mentioned before, what makes tea detoxing so convenient. That you can continuously detox and keep toxins at an all time low and stay at a healthy weight, without it affecting your lifestyle much at all. As a daily add-on to your regular life and diet, instead of a replacement or change as most other detox methods call for.

Detox Tea/Teatox Reviews

Quality teaAs you know by now, my clear favorite among detox teas is the KouTea detox tea. But I also thought I’d briefly mention some of the other big brands in the industry that I’ve tested, in case you’re curious of how it compares or simply can’t order from KouTea for whatever reason (shipping location?).

But first, I’d like to just remind you of my opinion on:

14 day tea detox vs 28 day teatox

In the world of teatoxing, the 14-day teatox and the 28 day tea detox are the most common detox programs among first-timers and those that don’t detox continuously as I do.

As touched upon earlier, I personally, think a 14 day detox isn’t long enough for the majority of people to really get a taste of the benefits.

You’ll want to go with the 28 day teatox (1 month) as to not trick yourself in any way as to if it works for you or not, and therefore my reviews below are focused on 28 day detoxes.

But now, on to the brief teatox reviews:

Fit Tea

Perhaps the most well-known brand among detox teas. For me personally, it is an alright tea. Not awesome, but not that bad either. The taste is just lovely.

I know however that many others dislike Fit Tea for what seems to be their somewhat scammy practices and customer service.

So, overall an okay tea but both less effective and more expensive than KouTea.

You can read my full Fit Tea review here.

Yogi Tea

A general tea brand, offering both regular herbal teas of all sorts as well as sommewhat specific detox teas.

It’s a nice company overall, but it’s not recommended as a detox tea. It doesn’t claim to have any weight-loss, clarity, energizing or other spectacular benefits simply because it isn’t meant to have. It’s a simple but affordable regular tea claiming to cleanse liver and kidneys.

You can read my Yogi detox tea review here.


Being stationed in the U.K, shipping becomes a bigger issue if you live in say the U.S. compared to the other detox teas mentioned. It takes longer, and it costs.

It’s comparable to many other detox teas I’ve tried, fine but nothing spectacular. It’s pretty expensive though.

Overall not the best value for your money. Here’s my more complete Bootea teatox review.

Lyfe Tea

Not bad, but not great either. So-so, right in the middle sort of. Didn’t do a lot for me and I’ve seen some not so positive reviews as well, meanwhile as with any tea there are a few that swear by it.

My Lyfe tea review can be found here.

Tiny Tea

Had okay effects.

So an okey tea, although the value just isn’t there compared to the alternatives. Check out the full Tiny Tea teatox review here.

What is your experience with detox teas and teatoxing? Leave it in the comments!

And don’t forget that sharing is caring ;).

Support teatoxing by sharing this page with your friends!

37 thoughts on “Detox Tea: Best Teatox Review

  1. I am interested in the teatox lifestyle and I am currently trying fittea. I just started so I can’t say anythings changed yet but I’m curious about the KouTea tea you say was the best for you. Might have to try that out eventually!

  2. Can you do a review on Teami? I’m very interested in it but havent seen many reviews of it.

  3. Have you tried fittummytea? I heard that it really works. Could you do a review on it?

  4. Do you drink the recommended 2 cups of KouTea daily?

  5. So you do not eat at all for the month that you’re using KouTea?

    • Yes you do. That’s the benefit of detox teas, you eat as you normally do, although if weight loss is the goal preferably you eat healthy.

  6. I have been wondering about Thin Tea. How you tried it? And if so does it work? Is it a good brand for a detox tea?

  7. Hi there.have you tried Feiyan tea?i have been taking that and it really works as in you don’t feel bloated and go toilet regularly but haven’t really seen any weightloss.

    • Nope afraid not! I get asked whether I’ve tried a certain detox tea a lot, and even though I’ve tried many, the answer is more often than not no. Some I haven’t even heard of before. That shows how many teas are actually out there, and new ones coming out all the time as well.

  8. Thank you for the helpful website. Recently, I have gotten really interested in teatox and would like to start it.

    However, I do have a question. When are the best times to drink tea, and how much per day?

    • Hey Sarah no problem, you definitely should give it a go!
      As for the best time, that’s very individual I’d say. Some teas do come with instructions of when to ideally drink it, and some have a morning tea and a night tea included which makes things clearer. But aside from instructions and personal preference, also consider how the specific tea affects you. Some detox teas contain a lot of caffeine (not a big fan of too much caffeine in mine myself) and with those you may want to avoid drinking them late at night so it doesn’t keep you up at night. If you feel it makes you sleepy for some reason, consider taking it later until you no longer get this effect from it (detoxing in general can bring on unexpected reactions sometimes).
      How much to drink is usually decided already, since when you get for example a 28-day teatox, there are a certain number of teabags to cover that duration, be it 28, 48 or 72 depending on how many times a day you’re supposed to take it.

  9. I have been thinking about going into the detox tea life for a while. But I’m really scared about loosing my money for something that it won’t work. I’m also scared about the lack of reviews of the teas. Most of the detox teas have a AMAZING reviews but it appears that all of them are fake and all of them of course come from the web pages of the teas. Now that I found your review about the Kou Tea I’m practically convinced. But still I’m not definitely sure.

    • I know what you mean Gabriela. And yeah on tea sites themselves the reviews are often either fake or only the good reviews are shown. Then you have the problem that what works for some may not work for others since we’re all different and our health issues have different causes. So in the end the only real way to know would be to try it for yourself. If it’s money wasted at least you know better next time. But again that’s the sad part about detox teas, since there are indeed many low quality or scammy brands out there, which may turn people off from teatoxing entirely thinking they have tried it, when in reality they really haven’t. I like KouTea a lot but in the end, although it may work for many, it won’t work for everyone, same as with everything.

  10. Does the tea that you recommend let you have a good sleep? I have 3 kids and I have a full time job. Between my work, the kids, appointments, errands and home. I have not much time to work out and I always end going to bed a litle late. I’m most of the time tired, I’m not able to have a meal on time.. So I’m always so hungry all the time no matter how much or what I eat. So I’m looking for something that can help me to feel more enerrgize, less hungry and help me burn fat. I also would like to be able to have a good sleep cause I just have like 5 or 6 hrs every day. As you can see I really need an advice!

    • Hey Janet. For me personally, I’d say it does help my sleep a bit, but it’s not an obvious or immediate effect and probably more as an indirect result of being healthier in general. I think it could definitely be helpful you but you never know unless you try it, since there are so many possible underlying causes for energy and sleep related issues especially. But teatoxing does tend to make people healthier in general which can lead to many other things improving as a result. Many do find it energizes them a bit, as well as supressing appetite and aiding in weight loss so hopefully you would get those results as well.

  11. with a detox tea, are you going to the bathroom all the time? Is that how it “detoxes” your body?

    • Really depends on the specific tea I’d say. A slight laxative effect is good for detoxing, but some that I’ve tried are way too strong in that regard and thus not really convenient to take on an ongoing basis. Long term this may deplete the body of precious minerals and vitamins as well. So no, going to the bathroom all the time isn’t what makes a good detox tea and you could just as well just get any laxative for that..

  12. Have you heard of Arbonne’s Detox Tea? What are your thoughts?

  13. Hello,
    I’m trying to buy the Koutea but I don’t know where, the link on your page seem to be deleted, can you help me with a store I can buy it from or a picture of it, because i found several online but I’m not sure which one is the correct one.

  14. I just ordered my KouTea detox! I am so excited to start and see what results it will bring me! Your website helped me tremendously as I have been trying to find the right teatox to test out! Thank you!!

  15. Thank you for your honest review – I will try the one you recommended!

    Have your tried SkinnyBunnyTea? Rave on IG..has 1.3M followers- please let me know if you have tried or will. I don’t believe anything (comments) I see on IG bc most “models” seems to be paid to advertise on their IG.

    I’m trying to detox – never done it before and think it’ll be beneficial to my body. 2013 I was 108lbs
    2014 120
    2015 128
    Now 2016 137 (2 weeks ago I was 127lbs)

    I don’t know why I’m gaining weight so quickly.



    • My pleasure Sophia :).
      Nope not tried that one. And yeah it’s true that many big tea brands put a lot of effort into marketing which can include payment or a free tryout of the product in exchange for a good review.
      That does sound a little worrisome. A detox tea may help you here but since you gained weight so rapidly as of recent, I think it may be important to find the root cause and make sure it’s not something to be too worried about.

  16. Have you tried Flat Tummy Tea? I’m curious to know how it stacks up compared to KouTea and Fit Tea..Thanks 🙂

  17. I’m thinking of trying teatoxing. My appetite is through the roof, and I’ve done everything to try to suppress it. Do you have any other recommendations for appetite suppressants, or does KouTea do the trick?

    • Not had a big problem with appetite myself but it definitely helps supressing it for me. Other things to consider could be a good multivitamin but even more so a trace mineral supplement. Oftentimes we crave food when we’re deficient in something our body needs and since today’s diet is so poor in nutrients compared to what we evolved with, it takes a lot more food to get what we need.

  18. Have you heard of or tried flat tummy tea? I tried Lyfe tea and didn’t do much.

    • I’ve heard of it, might try it in the future though, it’s on my radar. Yeah not the biggest fan of Lyfe tea myself either.

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